WHAT NEXT?  Within 2 weeks MAX of your session you will either have an appointment to view all your best image proofs in person, or have a private online gallery of proofs to make your choices as I help you narrow down your favorites. Once your images are chosen you will have a purchasing appointment, often same day.

Images for any prints or web use, can be created with multiple looks, at any size from 40”x 30” down to 5” x 7 ” Most popular are 24 x 30,   16 x 20,   18 x 12  and 11 x 14

Your images will be prepared for you:  Editing is done ‘in house’ by Expression Unlimited Photography personally… editing and retouch have various levels.

Skin blemishes, stray hairs and all personal preferences on appearance are taken int account. Marks can be removed as desired and flattering shading or total shape changing can be invisibly applied to any figure or face. Brighter color pop, subduing color, black and white or monochrome treatments including vintage. sepia, root beer effects and luxury finishes with sun bursts or color changes are all done by hand.

Your images will be delivered; As arranged – as photography prints, as files, on canvas,  in albums, or in frames. Individual files are expertly enhanced and supplied via email to keep forever … either as web images, full sized high res files prints or all three.


Time frame: within 2 weeks for basics. Depending upon the media chosen, digital file and prints are faster than books… Albums, especially my faves ordered from Italy, take the longest time. But they come with metal pages, an option worth the wait!

Extra images can be purchased, retouched for printing and emailed to you as digital files as well as  delivered as prints. Free images are often gifted at no cost to you.

Prints are $29 and up.  Files are $30 and up and discount is applied for number of images chosen .

NOTE : ALL Electronic images from anywhere are subject to damage and decay. Creating real printed images, for lasting memories and display are strongly recommended. Colors we chose to use or wear and location attributes should work well, in keeping with your personal home decor, so that you can give them pride of place as Art pieces .

1000 Angel Cassidy-0060.jpgtriple bridal prep_6289.jpgKathryn Elizabeth snookie-8319-da-1000.jpgCheRyn 7-8645-1000.jpgKatya-6290-c-d-N.jpgwedding couple-L .jpg2 tractor-8558-da-1000.jpgHannah S-8511-1000.jpgkatie bridal make up 1000.jpgwedding-Holly-6524-1000.jpgb bride-anon-2600.jpgMaddy-3266-c-900.jpgBaby Dalton-1866-2.jpg1000 baby Amelia 3 mth portfolio-2221.jpg Brittany W-7764-s.jpgBW portrait maria 338292.jpegteens Britany W-Kira-9679-c-1000-da.jpgNikki Smith-0712.jpg1000 dk profile KC.jpg

IMAGE pricing OVERVIEW: Edit pricing depends upon usage.  $20 for extra images to $150 plus per image is usual as charge for commercial use images.

Digital image files which allow for unlimited usage and unlimited printing, can be purchased without prints  &  included with  packages or individually ”A La Carte.”