Family Photography.

If there are kids, meeting at your home or outside often works best.

I was a school teacher in London and know what works with kiddos and cameras! I love to shoot your mother/daughter/grandmother photos too.

Shall we do on location, somewhere or in studio. Let’s create some candids, some action shots and some modern and trad portrait images of them, or whole family portraits?

Newborn, 3m,  6m, 12 months and along the way before they go to school, and whenever get new teeth, or change their looks as teens I’ll come out again and immortalize it for you!

Seniors / teens are great to photograph, as they have a blast creating fun  ‘model-for-the-day’ images that you’ll treasure always. Why settle for an ordinary or predictable senior portrait? With creative approach and lots of ideas coming up at consultation, I am able to shoot what your teens want, and yet what you want too! Whether or not your teens are confident in front of a camera, or need skin corrections. No Problem.  Parents may want to book a package between several of them together and share the cost. Let them choose a place they like, bring friends, and I’ll meet you there!

** I’ll never post your children online, unless you ask me to … but you can show off the photos as much as you like! Wallet size to huge wall size prints are available.

Sara Family Fun-2224.jpgdouble CheRyn 7-8646-1000.jpgSammie laughing horse-7312.jpgboth child doll-9886-N.jpgdouble Trinity Madden-6132-s.jpgboth sophia Jaylin-0370.jpgSophia 8-6819-da-c-1000.jpgteen-3530.jpg1_N_2500_baby_Roxie_and_Dad_Rob-9932_copy.jpgSnookie Brittany W-1765-c-d-s.jpgkids snooki-mermaid6012.jpgSarah-1630.jpgSOPHIA-7940-1000.jpg19 a age approriate coaching and pose-Hannah-4132-1000.jpgdouble Marshalla-1533 copy.jpgboth sister teen janae45173.jpgCaitlyn 8yrs-8432-c-1000.jpgirene Marshalla Cheyenne-0880.jpgKendall B-4588.jpgChelsea-teen-s.jpgdouble Irene Hannah S-1431.jpg


On Location…………………….  from $149 with On Location lighting. Images for purchase.

In Studio………………………..   $99 to $350 for Time and Talent, plus Studio costs etc.

Edits on kids under 12 are only $20 each and some are given to you / included. Editing for prints on TEENS age 13 and over from $15 – $60 EACH depending on editing time skin retouching etc.

Some images will also be gifted!


CHOOSE YOUR CLOTHING FOR  FAMILY  images … Comfortable and casual usually work best. Do you want a journalistic, candid style, a laid-back family day setting or a formal family portrait. Wearing coordinating colors, either all bright or all neutral is a good idea. Avoid logos, wording on T shirts or clashing patterns! Similar colors with the children in patterned clothing and parents in solids often looks great. Given the lasting quality of my Fine Art portraiture, I recommend staying away from any fad or brand clothing,  and going for a more classic approach in some of your outfits, but bring lots of choices. A child in their latest fad is also a great thing to capture before it’s over!

WHAT COLORS AND PATTERNS? Always plan with me, I will  check the location to advise you about clothing and more. Denim photographs well, as does kakhi, cream, navy, brown, army green, gray, pink, Textures and details like buttons, small patterns, pin stripe, spots, lace, holes, lattice, stitching, are all good.