Artistic Nudes

I teach regular workshops in Studio Lighting, Posing and direction techniques, which are available to interested photographers. Sometimes looking to create tasteful Nude Art works. These can be set up any time by arrangement. I invite Professional Art models my studio spaces, where I offer mentoring sessions. These are always wonderful and I extend my thanks to all who have participated in these creative, educational ventures. The inspiring ladies who posed for us featured here: FLOOFIE - HEDY – SUNNI  – BRYNN  COOK –  AMELIA  SIMONE – PEARL ANNA


1000 Floofie-w-2571.jpgFloofie N -2628 CENSORED copy.jpgAmelia-0528.jpgFloofie - 2659.jpg900 Floofie N-2542.jpgSunni-0193.jpg1000 Floofie N-2617.jpg2 DOUBLE N Floofie-2578.jpg1000 Floofie N-2535.jpgPearl-9983.jpg1000 Floofie -2658.jpgEdy-3310.jpg