I have shot over 1000 Fashion photo shoots in the last 7 years. I am published and expert with posing and lighting …

I’m available to shoot for magazines, designers and various model shoots including those that require expert direction.

I do have and use several studio facilities in the North County of San Diego and San Diego downtown  – and of course I have portable lighting (Profotos and flash trees)

Caitlyn 8yrs-8432-c-1000.jpgmed-1000 VASI-6963.jpgdouble sunnie-G-9091.jpg3 hannah stlaker pier 600.jpgKatya-6290-c-d-N.jpg900-Xtine N-9660-2.jpgmed-1000 Roz feb 2011.jpgChelsea Brownlie-face-s-c.jpgmed-1000 Dori-5809.jpgBRITTANY W-7762-s-sepia.jpgAdele-8467.jpgSophia-8068-1000.jpg

Some fun examples