Expression Unlimited Photography:  “I  understand being in front of a camera as well as blind it, I know how to help you love your photo shoot, and get great shots – but I can’t begin to describe myself … Best to ask some others about me.” 

”My daughters photoshoots with Britt have been inspiring. A lovely and inspiring one of a kind woman, a mentor. Her photography skills and talents are truly amazing and wonderful and she teaches and shares her amazing skills with so many. ”  Eliana, Mira Mesa, San Diego

‘Expression Unlimited’ Flexible, fun, and creative. Only a woman & ex-model like Britt can  handle another woman’s needs in front of  camera the wonderful way she does.” Christine Johnston, Texas.

”I choose you for our wedding because you are so creative and listened to what we  wanted. You gave us wonderful images  and at a great price too. Thank you.” Justin Roysdon, San Diego.

”It was clear you knew what you were doing and I really appreciate your extra work on my skin editing. These images were way better than any I had done elsewhere … thank you Expression Unlimited!”  Karen Levy, New York.

Britt gives you confidence, opens your ideas up, increases your skills and connection to camera – so you’ll really surprise yourself”  Julie Raelyn, Los Angeles.

”Britt gives exceptional service, and creates a phenomenal experience you will remember for ever as well as some of the best images available, anywhere.” Blayke Roberts, San Diego.

I really wish hadn’t worried and waited, I should have come along for Boudoir sooner.  I just didn’t feel sure how I would come out, or if it’d be worth the money – but I look so glamorous and young again, love love these images. Thank you!. Karen C. San Diego

”EUP Very well organized and enthusiastic leadership. Britt conveys her expertise, has a  magnetic manner that encourages those she works with to strive for greatness. She is one of the most caring and energetic photographers I have ever worked with. Always pushing to get the most out of each frame with her subjects and clients. She is a great teacher in the community and has classes set up to help up and coming photographers who are looking to refine their techniques. C.W. Media

‘Anjel Britt is a wonderful photographer. Her work has always been outstanding and her effort in making her clients and models experience has been above expectation. So fun and easy too !” Kimberly Fowler, San Diego

I was overwhelmed by her creative enthusiasm for life and photography and never-ending energy and pizzaz on the job! Her energy was infectious and everyone who attended her shoots had a wonderful time. I’d recommend her in any capacity that relates to people because she truly embodies the term ‘people person’ and it shows that she cares about the well being of others sincerely, from the heart.’ Christina – Invicta’s Art Photography, New York.

”Her passion for teaching others the fundamentals and advanced concepts really shines through. She has an engaging personality and communication style that make her an ideal choice for someone wanting to learn more and create great photographs.”  Wayne Holley

”Britt is so capable and creative as a photographer and an amazing person … Anything can happen!”   Sahar, San Diego.


“Britt is a superb teacher. She did a great job helping me get into photography. She is very knowledgeable and artistic as both model and photographer.

I can provide no higher endorsement for lessons if you are looking for an education in lighting, studio equipment, communicating with models, or lightroom/photoshop. She does it all, very, very well.

Great shoot executive. She effectively interacts with models, getting me the results that I want, but have difficulty obtaining on my own. Really puts the models in shoot conducive moods by creating the desired dynamic with her flexible and engaging personality.”  PATRICK DENNIS SD