In person  or telephone consultation with no obligation. 

We can look at your favorite style of images and lighting to plan your photographs in detail.

Your pre consult will be followed by a full consult – to confirm your wishes, shooting style, date, locations. time and talent options and work out your price and payment plan.

You will receive committed and thorough attention and personal service in all areas involved in your photo shoot.


** ONLY 20% of  top PHOTOGRAPHERS WORK takes place on the day … 

25% of my work is in planning, preparation of location, gear, preping and packing equipment etc. 

55% usually happens after the shoot is finished, in post, work flow and creating your gallery and then the fave images that you will adore. 

So only 80% takes place behind the scenes 


Commercial Rate  –  $300 per extra hour

Corporate Rate  –  $199 per extra hour

Small businesses – $149 per extra hour

Family portraits:  $125 per extra hour

Couple shoots ( inc Engagement without wedding coverage)   $149  per hour