Boudoir  posing with me brings out the Goddess or Sex Kitten in every Woman!

Women of all ages and sizes will find Boudoir images: modern and classic, sensual, beautiful personal shots to suit them. I make contemporary portraits, artistic glamorous alluring and fine art images –  color or black and white. Shadowy ‘low key’ are dark, mysterious – or ask for bright, white and joyous. Some agreed examples are posted here, though most are private.

You (and your girlfriends) may love to attend an exciting planning meeting where you choose the kind of shots you will love! Your best friend or sister, is welcome to come to the shooting too. From Cocktiul dresses, to Lingerie, sheer wraps, or even less … I make a range of tasteful and fun images for you /  your  Special Other, to enjoy and keep forever.

Your images need not appear here or anywhere, unless you ask me to post – Private shoots are private.


I specialize in ‘For His Eyes Only’  Shoots. I’m an excellent posing coach and I suggest & help you pose to suit your shape, personality and favorite styles. Up to 5  outfits.  I will make images for you to choose from at the next meeting session. I delete if you are not completely sure it’s for you!  I process and edit the ones you are considering for your private gallery to select your purchases.

Use wardrobe that you already know you look good in,  working along with me, you’ll surprise yourself.

I can be booked to come to you with full lighting – and blow his mind, when he sees how we posed on your furniture. Or we use can use my studio or a hotel for the shoot.


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Boudoir, Lingerie, ‘Pin Up’ or Tasteful Nude shoots for women by women 

Unlimited editing for prints and luxury books from Italy or a Simple Shoot Deal (without make over or additional meetings or printing) with on site styling, coaching  and posing help. Optional Professional make overs available.

I edit and retouch! Editing / retouching of your images is as requested – edited to mild, intermediate or total retouch level.
Further images (after buying a package) are edited by request.