Every woman deserves Boudoir photography!

It’s fun. It boosts your self esteem It’s an amazing experience  … and perfect gift to someone you love.

Feminine is strong, magnetic, sensual,sweet and powerful


“Every woman should do this!” It’s all about making you look good.

it”s a make over, a dress up, and a private  photo shoot with lasting fabulous images created that are unlike any other

It’s uplifting, saucy if you want and it’s LOTS of fun!

Every single woman whatever size shape age or color has her own spiritual and physical beauty. The sooner the better BUT it’s never too late to capture it to keep! Whynot celebrate being a fabulously unique female?!

If you’ve never considered it  – now is the time, and if you’ve ever felt Boudoir, is not for you, I understand your reservations!

You gotta look good. But I can help. Lighting extraordinaire, camera angles, lenses and some Photoshop magic will transform ANY  ‘problem feature’ and highlight all your brilliant ones. 😉

I’m ready for you, and I can come to you if you’d rather not come to the studio … so let’s shoot BOUDOIR!

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Boudoir images: modern and classic, sensual, beautiful personal shots to suit Women of all ages and sizes…


I make contemporary portraits, artistic glamorous alluring and fine art images –  color or black and white. Shadowy low key and dark, mysterious – as well as bright, white and joyous. Some agreed examples are posted here, tho most are private.

Boudoir can bring out the Goddess or Sex Kitten in every Woman! From Cocktiul dresses, to Lingerie, sheers, or even less I make a range of tasteful and fun images for you, or YOUR ‘special other’ to enjoy and keep for ever, as private as you choose.

You (and your girlfriends) will love to attend an exciting planning meeting where you choose the kind of shots you will love!Your best friend or sister, is welcome to the shoot too. Your images need not appear here or anywhere, unless you ask me to post – Private shoots are private.

I specialize in ‘For His Eyes Only’  Shoots. I’m an excellent posing coach and will suggest and help you pose just right to suit your shape and fave styles. – you try what you want, and can see as we go. You get to change looks a little or a lot up to about 5  times. Whenever you love the results, and you are getting great expressions and poses, I will make a lot of images for you to choose from at the next meeting session. I show you then, on screen how it looks and delete if you are not completely sure it’s for you! I process and edit the ones you are considering for your private gallery to select purchases.

*Bring wardrobe that YOU want to experiment and feature or already know you look good in and I can help you so you’ll surprise yourself. Also I can be booked to come to you with full lighting – and blow his mind, when he sees how we posed on your furniture!!



I can and often do provide you with fabulous Professional Hair and Make Up stylists before the shoot as you wish .

You bring your fave shoes, and some accessories… bring you fave cocktail dress, slip, lingerie, scarves or whatever and a robe. You can also use your own fabrics and sheers, for wrapping or use mine. Some women bring sheets, nightwear or play wear. I tell you exactly what to do to look your best and I’m am expert in helping you pose and select choose your poses.

YES! I have many suggestions and also some accessories / wardrobe you can select from.

Singles often raid the lingerie stores. Married or spoken-for women mat want to bring some Significant Other’s clothing item – like a shirt, jersey, jacket or tie (that belongs to their man) and pose to surprise him with the images.

You can pose dressed, with full or partial coverage, draped in sheers or sheets – as well as provocatively, as you wish.

Images can be processed in various styles, to print from pocket size to portfolio, to large or the size of a whole wall. I make a range of possible portraits for you to select from, for keeping secret or to show off – including a Sequence series of 3 images, 6 or 9 made into a luxurious  large composite to display.

We will shoot in my studio spaces in Sorrento Va;;ey or Mission Valley or I can travel to shoot at YOUR home, ( you might want choose a friends room or hotel room with style you love,  wherever you feel most comfortable. Yes a friend can be there if you so wish!

I create your dreams with you … to showcase your individual beauty, excite and impress your lucky partner.



Boudoir, Lingerie, ‘Pin Up’ or Tasteful Nude shoots for women (by women, with or without Professional make over)  shot in studio, or at a home .

‘Pamper packages’ with champagne meetings for the girls before and after the shoot, including large and small Italian books and unlimited editing for prints to a Simple Shoot Deal (without make over or additional meetings or printing) with on site styling, coaching  and posing help.

All shoots will include a private online gallery, within 2 weeks, for you to take or chose your images.
Includes editing of your images as requested – edited to mild, intermediate or total retouch level.
Further images (after buying a package) are edited by request.