Couples – straight or gay, maybe  shoot ‘just because’.  Contemporary and Traditional portraits on-location or home or in studio.  I can capture a story, feeling, a special occasion,  Your shoot experience is unforgettable and the images, a permanent reminder.  How about the spot where you first met?

I work fast with fully portable studio lighting and with natural light. Schedule with me in studio, at home, on-location: beaches, parks, lakes, clubs, homes, gardens, bridges, along the harbor or even in the street!

Engagement couple session can be included in any wedding package at a reduced cost. I shoot women, Solo or Boudoir (to surprise their man) Or you can book a Photo Shoot as a fun Date together… ‘Trash the Dress’ is a specialty for couples at the beach!

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Books and special images (from pocket to wall sized) can be created just for you, in a variety of finish treatments of your choice.

No obligation consultations: 760  509 6020

Rates vary according to styling, locations, equipment, assistance, date and time and editing/ retouch level.