ANJEL  ‘BRITT’  NICHOLAS is a female photographer,  teacher, artist, poet and ex model.

Portraiture, People and Products – personal and commercial work accepted. Budgets can be flexible and payment plans are available. I focus on teaching modeling and photography to individuals locally while shooting Baby, Fine Art, Fashion, Product, Glamour, Family, Business, Wedding and Boudoir Photography.

Born and raised in London, England, she won her first camera at the age of 6. Pro in San Diego since 2009


Anjel  photographed school children, wrote books about Early Years Education and Child Centered Learning for which she shot her photos and took part in advertising, film, dance, later training in fitness, yoga, Pilates, and T’ai Chi and The Chi Ball Method as well as teaching (and modeling) multiple genres in several countries up until 2007.

Anjel has modeled and photographed for yoga and wellness books, articles and websites and traveled all over the world and decided to make her dream move to the California sunshine in 2005!

Anjel studied Psychology, Sociology, Art, Drama, Languages, Astrology and Biology, attended The University of London where she gained an Honors degree and taught children (and parents) in London until she came to the USA.

A writer of poetry and mystic novels, a home tutor, Anjel was also  the Integrated Learning Support Consultant for 5 schools in EALING West London UK as well as working with Autistic children. Anjel created The Body Free Method of chakra cleaning and movement and introduced BodyFree, Chi Ball and yoga teaching large groups and individuals at GOLDS,  IBM and the BBC among many others.