Always original. I will make you a range of beautiful images: art pieces for full time display, a wonderful wedding album look through, as well as online galleries or fun snap shots to show on Face Book. I will shoot you and our beloved, all the family and guests if you so wish, and upgrade your photo booth idea to a whole wedding Photo Shoot area.

I can light your wedding right with top of the line equipment such as Profotos and creative solutions like Flash trees, and bring all my gear and assistants, as required.  You won’t get better anywhere near my price bracket.  I take, make and save for you,  the most rewarding images to remember your unique big day. Images, galleries, prints, wedding books and editing rates do vary according to  your wishes, needs and budget.

Weddings range from modest budgets – to all out sumptuous unforgettable.  I can bring limo and beauty services in, help with set up and much more, if you so wish. I can arrange for discounted honeymoons and air fares anywhere in the world, sometimes even if you decide to chose  another wedding photographer… But why would you!

I take a creative, collaborative, contemporary and traditional approach. I shoot weddings locally in San Diego or L.A.  alternatively I can fly you with massive savings to your Honeymoon anywhere in the world, either with me, one of my protégé photojgprhers or even another professional, for cheap.

I will, of course, take you and your new spouse away for a few minutes for those special portraits soon after the ”I DO’s” and before you are presented as man and wife, and I can make the rest as unobtrusive or directed as you decide in our consultation.

Consultations are free, no obligation.

Wedding fees go down from $2,000 per Italian metal book, $5,000 per day with a team and four locations, down to images sent to you for your own planned book at Costco.

Rates from $1750 for the day can go down to only $150 per hour, for basic wedding ceremony coverage during the day. Ask for more details of what I can offer you. Meet for wedding discussion planning.


ALL Electronic images are subject to damage and decay in the long term

Real printed images for lasting memories and display are strongly recommended

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Since my services are always bespoke and tailored to you, my  ‘packages’ are uniquely designed and will be completely customized for you during the consultation process.

Your contract will  be sent to you once all your details are confirmed. See more details under WEDDING JOY tab