Be sure to book your Newborn shoot in the first week. I shall be standing by after your Pregnancy shoot!

Those who book Maternity can book Newborn with a extra discount. Deals and payment plans for advance booking re  the follow up 3m,  6m, 12 month sessions

A Pregnancy or Baby Shoot goes at whatever pace suits you.  Sessions from 45 mins up to 2 hours. Call or email me to talk over your ideas early and don’t wait too long to booI know how to make a pregnant lady or recently pregnant new Mommy look awesomely sexy and alluring in her images too.

About 8 months along is ideal for your professional BUMP images

I will be thrilled along the way to shoot more before and when they go to school, and whenever get new teeth, change their looks, and the a trip until they become teens!  It’s amazing to see the baby blossom in your images as well as life


2500_baby_Roxie-ART-9921.jpgBaby hazel 1 week-5124-bw-1000.jpg1000 BABY -1912.jpgN_2500_Baby_Roxie-0028.jpgBaby hazel 1 week-5097-1000.jpgBaby hazel 1 week-5110-1000.jpg1_N_2500_baby_Roxie_and_Dad_Rob-9932_copy.jpg1000-BABY-c-BW-1828.jpgBaby hazel 1 week-4906-feet-da-1000.jpgc47-Art FAMILY newborn SUNNI-2055.jpg1000 baby Amelia 3 mth portfolio-2221.jpgc55-BABY-1863-2.jpgBaby Lexi-8917-D-1000.jpgBaby hazel 1 week-5109-bw-1000.jpgBaby Lexi-8855-1000-N.jpgBaby Lexi-8890-bw-1000.jpgBaby hazel 1 week-4881-D-1000.jpgBaby hazel 1 week-4873-d-1000.jpgBaby hazel 1 week-5084-bw-1000.jpgBaby hazel 1 week-5051-1000.jpgbaby amelia-2017-1000.jpgBABY-D-1853 BWcopy.jpgBaby Lexi-8932-1000-bw.jpgBaby Dalton-1866-2.jpgBaby hazel 1 week-4925-da-1000.jpgBaby Lexi-9115-c-d.jpg baby Amelia-2214-1000.jpgBaby hazel 1 week-5063-1000.jpg

Baby Program requirements’   Newborn images 7 days or less. Then 3, 6 and 12 months and annually thereafter are created on a special discounted program. Payment in advance saves you BIG by applying long term savings and preventing price rises over time. 

** I am a yoga teacher trained in postures that are safe or not and very aware of physiology. I can coach your poses and check your baby’s to avoid common mistakes that many photographers may make posing your baby in a harmful way. You will be in charge of all major positioning too, and we shall be taking  a break whenever you or baby need to.